Renegades II [boombap mix]

by OBD



Prelude: -- Kawil & D-tech --

Ayo whattup D...
Yo whattup
You got that shit?
Yea man...
Aight let's go man.

Intro: – Kawil – [Scratches by DJ True Justice]

Yea, OBD in this mutha fucka...
Rolling on yo ass like yo baby mama, ha-ha-ha
Nigga what the fuck you gon' do with a menace that complex
Fuck outta here nigga...

Verse: One – Kawil –

From emcee to emcee; we got ‘em all shiver like Bambi
Plus I wear a bladed glove; when chopping on the S950
As we haunt the scene; and cut it up, like Freddy Krueger
And like Das EFX; we underground like the sewer
So if you're a sharpshooter; I’m gon’ take it like a Buddha
And then I strike back and hit-the-mic; like Grand Puba
I bust back… Hmm, like Bill Cooper…
So take my advice; if you got Nike’s, Adidas, or Puma’s
Then keep ‘em laced… I’m about to blow up in ya face
And lay a well-placed uppercut; that launch you into space
Copy that, paste; escape? don't even try, nigga
It's too-late; as you blast-off in the sky, nigga
Wait; this is a warning for all you...rappers to hear
Catch a SPEAR; fuck with us, and you'll BURN-up in the atmosphere
Rocketeer this; with D in the mix, we bring the ruckus
With substance; coz O-B-D is not to be fucked with, so fuck it

Break: [Scratches by DJ True Justice]

Verse: Two — D-tech —

I got this Clive Barker status; with this mic apparatus
Your minds filled with static; no wonder you don't get it
Fuck giving credit; I find it pathetic
How you imbedded such bullshit in your game; just dead it!
I'm cereberus on a sick trip; it's the intricate
Mind of the menace; with the ill boombap kid
Techniques are deadly; my vocal weaponry
Chops you up like Kawil; with samples effectively
You're anti-ominous; without the dominance of flow
The concept of quality; is what you lack in what you show
Your style I outgrow; in a matter of seconds, so
I rather just put focus; on my own damn ego
I'm violent but deep; with the overload of rhymes
I've been killing souls; since your biblical times
Black winged angel of death with the mark of Cain
Feral when I put a verbal blade to your brain, insane

Outro: — D-tech —

Yes, yes, yes, yes...
Ayo Kawil you killing em with this one man
I'm loving that boombap version that original shit
Oh, and don't think that I don't hear these dumb ass cats
Talking about OBD is bringing that bla bla bla and that yada yada
Look you know what I think it is... I think these cats are just jealous
Because we bring that ill boombap stuff that rawness...
That uniqueness...and all these skinny jeans wearing fagots...
Can do is to suck mainstream dick...
To get their faulty ass music and their opinions out there, man
Please, get the fuck outta here

[Scratches by DJ True Justice]


released August 24, 2016
Written and Performed by Kawil & D-tech
Scratches by DJ True Justice
Produced by Kawil
Mixed and Mastered by James van Zunderd (Headroom Studios)

Photography & Graphic design by



all rights reserved


KAWIL Rotterdam, Netherlands

Busting socially-aware rhymes with beats designed to make your body move – rapper/producer Kawil has the aggression, edge & determined-tone of an emcee that’s truly got something to say. Unafraid to throw around lyrical-elbows in the efforts of speaking his mind & keeping it real, Kawil confidently dominates the mic with thought-provoking words that take direct-aim and never miss their mark. ... more

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