Renegades II

by OBD



Verse: One – Kawil –

From emcee-to-emcee; we got ‘em all shiver like Bambi
Plus I wear a bladed-glove; when chopping on the S-9-50
As we haunt the scene; and cut-it-up, like Freddy-Krueger
And like Das-EFX; we underground like the sewer
So, if you're a sharpshooter; I’m gon’ take it like a Buddha
And then I strike-back, and hit-the-mic; like Grand-Puba
I bust back… Hmm, like Bill-Cooper…
So take my advice; if you got Nike’s, Adidas, or Puma’s
Then keep ‘em laced… I’m about to blow up in ya face
And lay a well-placed uppercut; that'll launch you into space
Copy that, paste; escape? don't even try, nigga
It's too-late; as you blast-off in the sky, nigga
Wait; this is a warning for all you...rappers to hear
Catch a SPEAR; fuck with us, and you'll BURN-up in the atmosphere
Rocketeer-this; with D in the mix, we bring the ruckus
With substance; coz O-B-D is not to be fucked-with, so fuck-it

Break: [scratches by DCREAL67]

Verse: Two — D-tech —

I got this Clive Barker status; with this mic apparatus
Your minds filled with static; no wonder you don't get it
Fuck giving credit; I find it pathetic
How you imbedded such bullshit in your game; just dead it!
I'm cereberus on a sick trip; it's the intricate
Mind of the menace; with the ill boombap kid [what up]
Techniques are deadly; my vocal weaponry
Chops you up like Kawil; with samples effectively
You're anti-ominous; without the dominance of flow
The concept of quality; is what you lack in what you show
Your style I outgrow; in a matter of seconds, so
I rather just put focus; on my own damn ego
I'm violent but deep; with the overload of rhymes
I've been killing souls; since your biblical times
Black winged angel of death with the mark of Cain
Feral when I put a verbal blade to your brain, insane

Outro: [scratches by DCREAL67]


released July 28, 2016
Written and Performed by Kawil & D-tech
Guitar by Rowin Rang
Bass by Richard 'Bolo' Loupatty
Scratches by DCREAL67
Produced by Kawil
Mixed by Danny van B (DvB)
Mastered by Ivo Statinski (Statinski Mastering)

Photography and Artwork Cover by



all rights reserved


KAWIL Rotterdam, Netherlands

Busting socially-aware rhymes with beats designed to make your body move – rapper/producer Kawil has the aggression, edge & determined-tone of an emcee that’s truly got something to say. Unafraid to throw around lyrical-elbows in the efforts of speaking his mind & keeping it real, Kawil confidently dominates the mic with thought-provoking words that take direct-aim and never miss their mark. ... more

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