by OBD



Verse: One -- D-tech --

I'm the one; people love to hate
The one to state; the opposite like a renegade
So to their system; I can't relate
All I can do; is bring wisdom and educate
While I'm able to create; unique designs
Cause I maintain control; with a hella deep mind
Functioning only to assist; upholding my fist
To the sky; like a revolutionary sign
To retaliate; is my first move played
Descending on your plane; as a messenger of fate
One in an altered state; with gears spinning backwards
In the wrong timeline; so for what it's worth
I rewrite; and face a kind
I think should be extinct; so allow me to kill it's prime
I was designed to bring a change
While staying out of range of all the pitiful charades...

Chorus: -- D-tech -- 2x

We were never the types to hide our faces
And not say shit whenever we needed to say it
Simple messages take it back to the basics
With a value attached to leave you elevated

Verse: Two -- Kawil --

Whenever I speak; I speak about relativity...
Ya know scientifically; not those corny-ass-conspiracies
'Cause these days; niggaz be...quick to spray
Prayers and pray; for what the white man say
These niggaz be...running away, to the wrong way
With no escape; like the victims of Pompeii
Picture my lyrical gunplay; from the click to the kickback
Loosing grip cause of the kick-back...
Feel the blast of a kickback, then kick-back...
Watch the impact...expand like the big-bang or Dum-dum
Don’t be dumb; fasten your seat-belts, don’t be the pendulum
Take this memorandum; to teach your son...
Grand and grand-grandson; not to be random and just get a gun
Just like P38 from Megatron...miuzi weighs a ton of funk
...To make these suckers run a marathon
Let’s get back to 1831; when Babylon was shooked
When one nigga took it; took charge and made them look stupid
Looking all deluded; and for a second, they muted...

Chorus: -- D-tech -- 2x

Guitar solo: by Rowin Rang

Chorus: -- D-tech -- 1x


released January 24, 2017
Written and Performed by Kawil & D-tech
Guitar by Rowin Rang
Produced by Kawil
Mixed by Danny van B (DvB)
Mastered by Ivo Statinski (Statinski Mastering)

Artwork by



all rights reserved


KAWIL Rotterdam, Netherlands

Busting socially-aware rhymes with beats designed to make your body move – rapper/producer Kawil has the aggression, edge & determined-tone of an emcee that’s truly got something to say. Unafraid to throw around lyrical-elbows in the efforts of speaking his mind & keeping it real, Kawil confidently dominates the mic with thought-provoking words that take direct-aim and never miss their mark. ... more

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